Beam Me Up, Noddy!

beam me up noddy

I beamed Noddy out of the skip. Now he’s safe and helping out Scotty on the Enterprise.

This is my first time using Gimp. I found this helpful video on YouTube to guide me in editing Noddy the hell out of there.  Continue reading


Daily Create tdc1180 Sound Map

For my first ever Daily Create, I chose to create a sound map of my town. This is my first time using either Audacity or Soundcloud.

I had a busy day running errands, so instead of walking around in nature recording sounds, I recorded myself in the car, talking on my cellphone. The audio is me leaving the house, jumping in the car, trying to find anything interesting on the radio – a feat in itself because out in the country we don’t have great reception – and then talking on the cellphone in French with my doctor’s secretary to arrange for me to stop by and pick up a prescription. Continue reading

ds106 Introductory Post

For My Teacher

Photo credit: Todd Petrie via flickr (CC-BY-2.0)


I’m Brett de Villiers. I’m signing up for the Open ds106 course, ignoring that little voice inside my head that says I have no time for this class.

As I started going through bootcamp (ahem, 2 weeks ago), I was unemployed and looking for work. In addition to sending off CV’s and cover letters to potential employers, I had also been looking for MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) to sharpen my marketing skills, and to make me a more interesting candidate. That’s when I stumbled upon ds106.  Continue reading