Daily Create tdc1180 Sound Map

For my first ever Daily Create, I chose to create a sound map of my town. This is my first time using either Audacity or Soundcloud.

I had a busy day running errands, so instead of walking around in nature recording sounds, I recorded myself in the car, talking on my cellphone. The audio is me leaving the house, jumping in the car, trying to find anything interesting on the radio – a feat in itself because out in the country we don’t have great reception – and then talking on the cellphone in French with my doctor’s secretary to arrange for me to stop by and pick up a prescription.

Lessons learned:

  • don’t talk on the cellphone and drive at the same time
  • there’s nothing good on French radio
  • Audacity doesn’t like the .amr format of my cellphone’s recorded audio. I used Pazera file converter to remedy that.
  • I used the Noise Removal thingy hoping that it would reduce the noise spikes, which it seems to have done… but I think that the track is now compressed and less intelligable during the bit where I’m speaking on the phone.
  • I need to find some cover art. I don’t like seeing my big-ass picture down below filling up the SoundCloud embeded media of my homework.

2 thoughts on “Daily Create tdc1180 Sound Map

  1. @mdvfunes April 4, 2015 / 16:25

    I am glad I found you in my stream! I can say well done on your first ever TDC and welcome to the open online DS106 world. It is not that ‘new-fangled’ šŸ™‚ it has been going on for a few years and a few thousand blog posts….but sparkling new to you, so welcome.

    I did a ‘formal’ run of DS106 in 2013 and never left. I am the DS106 Shrink on Tumblr and @mdvfunes on Twitter. I also do my best to keep the Daily Create Site going and fun and creative and full of prompts. It is one of the best ways into DS106 if you are short of time, as you are now you have a new job! Congrats on that BTW. If you need help with stuff and 140 characters won’t do it, then come and find us on G+ https://plus.google.com/communities/110252845880668147936 Quite a few of us open participants hangout there and help each other learn.

    I hope you stay on and keep at it even if at a slower pace than you had hoped.

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    • Brett de Villiers April 5, 2015 / 06:08

      Thank you for your encouragement, advice and tips. I can see why you’re drawn to topics of expert linchpins and facilitators in community spaces. That kind of encouragement will keep a busy wheel like me from falling off. I appreciate it!


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