Speak of the devil…

Hello. My name is Brett de Villiers.


In my quest to become completely unemployable, I geek out on Myers-Briggs, introversion, intuition, and Idealists in general… I’m an INFJ, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’d like to record my thoughts about those topics here.

Daydreaming is by far my favorite pastime. When the weather’s nice, I enjoy staring out the window with my hot beverage in hand, gazing at the Pyrenees. In fact, I pretty much float through my day regardless of how nice the weather is.

I’m also quite wound-up about this new-fangled “Digital Storytelling” course I discovered on the interwebs…ds106. (It was either that or an Inbound Marketing class. I may become a MOOC addict.)

So curious I am about it that I created this blog to record my assignments for the Open ds106 version of what may be the coolest time-sink ever.

Update: When I began setting up this blog, I was unemployed and had reasonable amounts of time to go through this course. But now that I’ve found work (yeehaw!!), I’ve joined the other corporate wage slaves on the commute into Toulouse. So since most of my time to do assignments just flew out the window, I’ll be crawling through this course at my own pace.

Because I’m really curious to learn!

Originally from Nawth Kakolaki, I chose this particular WordPress theme for the colors. They remind me so much of home. (Go Heels!). You may see me in the RTP area from time to time, since I’m always keen to go back whenever I can.


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